Final Fantasy 8 Side Quests

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Acquiring Tonberry

Before leaving Centra Ruins, consider getting Tonberry, a new GF. Tonberry may not be a strong GF, but he has great abilities that you can use. Make sure before you go and try to do this quest that you have lots of ways to heal and revive. Expect to die every now and then. Also, make sure you have Diablos at a high level, he will come in handy.

This quest may take you a while, so make sure your prepared. Your objective is to kill about 20 or so Tonberrys. If you've already passed through the Centra ruins once before, you should no that these cute, greenish baddies are no push over. They have a lot of HP, and can wipe you out in a single attack.

Once you've defeated around 20 or so Tonberrys, your next battle shall be with the Tonberry king, a Tonberry more powerful then the regular ones, and a lot more HP. Don't bother using Diablos, it doesn't work against him.

This guy is very fast, so make sure you cast haste on everyone. If you want, cast protect as well. He has full life and curaga spells, so use those to your advantage. He is weak against ice, so use Shiva or Blizzaga. The battle should take a long time, so don't get cocky and make sure to keep your HP up.

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