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Location: Study Panel in Instructor Trepe's class room, under Tutorial, select Guardian Forces to receive GF.
Attack: Thunder Storm
Element: Thunder
Useful skills: Mid Mag-RF, Card Mod, Card Mod Menu
Overview: Quezacoatl is very effective against water-based and robotics enemies, its card mod ability allow you to easily refine rare items (Lionheart in disc 1).

Location: Study Panel in Instructor Trepe's class room, under Tutorial, select Guardian Forces to receive Shiva.
Attack: Diamond Dust
Element: Ice
Useful skills: Doom command, Elem-Atk-J junction, Elem-Def-J junction
Overview: This ice god of destruction is very good against fire element enemies, she has many good ability to offer you; doom.

Location: Fire Cavern
Attack: Hell Fire
Element: Fire
Useful skills: Str-J junction, Str+20/40% ability, Mad Rush
Overview: You could get a good boost with this GF, its attack damage is incredible. His strength junction is very helpful early in the game, use it on Squall to increase the damages.

Location: Draw off Elvoret from the top of the Dollet's Communication Tower.
Attack: Silent Voice
Element: Non-Elelmental with silence ST-Effect
Useful skills: Treatment command, ST-Atk-J junction, Move-Find
Overview: She offers pretty good ability : ST-Attack and Defense are both very useful, the treatment ability also enable you to cure your characters from poison and many other ST effects. Her attack is weak but is definitely the most useful GF in the whole game (you get Quistis's Shockwave pulsar from her ability).

Location: Tomb of Unknown King (refer to the world map)
Attack: Brotherly Love
Element: Earth
Useful skills: Defend command, cover ability, HP+20/40/80% and HP bonus ability
Overview: their attacks are pretty useless, doesn't deal that much damages but the junction ability countered that. They are good against ground-dwelling foes but is useless against flying opponents.

Location: Use the item called Magical Lamb that Cid gave to you.
Attack: Dark Messenger
Element: Gravity
Useful skills: Darkside command, Mug ability, Enc-Half and Enc-None party
Overview: . Enc-half and enc-none eliminate the headaches of random encounters, you'll loose HP for using Dark Side (1/10) but it does a pretty heavy damage. Use Diablo against strong enemy because his attack is weak against weak enemies.

Location: Draw from Igunions in Deling City
Attack: Ruby Light
Element: Reflect
Useful skills: Vit+20/40% ability, Auto-Reflect ability, Counter ability
Overview: Carbuncle casts reflect on all your party members, all magics are directly reflect back to your opponent but you wouldn't want to use Curaga on yourself (in reflect mode) because this would just heal your opponent. The counter ability allow to trigger a free hit at your enemies, could be useful in tough battles.

Location: Draw from NORG in Balamb Garden
Attack: Tsunami
Element: Water
Useful skills: Recovery command, Auto-Potion ability
Overview: Oh believe me ! its recovery command is very handy learn it or you'll regret it, this command also does 9999 damages to undead monsters.

Location: Draw if from Fuijin in Balamb (town)
Attack: Tornado Zone
Element: Wind
Useful skills: Spd-J junction, Spd+20/40% ability, Absorb command, Initiative ability
Overview: I know ! I know ! Pandemona is very weak but so what it has more useful features than any other GF, it's one of the few GFs that let you junction magic to your speed, and Initiative is very good especially when you are fighting against those little cactuars.

Location: Fight him during the Garden's battle in disc 2
Attack: Counter Rockets
Element: Triple
Useful skills: ST-Def-Jx2/4 junction, Auto-Haste ability, Expendx2-1 ability
Overview: Cerberus's counter rocket make all your characters in triple mode, use this immediately once the battle starts. Auto-haste increases you character's speed for the entire battle.

Location: Draw off Edea at the end of disc 2
Attack: Holy Judgment
Element: Light
Useful skills: Revive command, Elem-Defx4 ability, Med Data ability, High Mag-RF menu
Overview: Alexander is the king of recovery, his revive command revives your dead characters. If you want to get GF Doomtrain you'll need Alexander because he is the only GF that knows Med level up (remedies plus).

Location: Fight him on the Cactuar Island
Attack: 1000 Needles
Element: Non-Elemental
Useful skills: Eva-J and Luck-J junction, Luck+50% ability, Bonus abilities
Overview: Cactuar's damage strength is equal to the tens digit of his level multiplied by one thousand. For example, a level 47 Cactuar would deal out 4 x 1,000 or 4,000 hit points in damage. Cactaur is the only guardian force that can increase your evasion and luck statistics, making him particularly useful for the game's intangible benefits.

Location: Fight at least 20 Tonberry at Odin's place (refer to the world map)
Attack: Kitchen Knife
Element: Non-Elemental
Useful skills: LV Up/ LV Down command, Haggle Menu, Sell-High Menu, Familiar Menu
Overview: LV Up makes for a more difficult battle and more experience; LV Down weakens your foes and helps you win. Haggle makes merchants sell new items for less, while sell-high makes merchants give you more for used equipment. Familiar causes merchants to expand their inventories to include previously unavailable items.

Location: Fight him in the Deep Sea Research Center
Attack: Mega Flare
Element: Flare
Useful skills: Ability x4, Str+60% ability, Mag+60% ability, rare item ability, auto-protect ability
Overview: Auto-protect gives a character an innate barrier, effectively doubling his resistance to physical attacks, Bahamut offers many other useful ability, he is properly one of the best GF to add to your collection.

Location: Draw off Ultima Weapon in the Deep Sea Research Center
Attack: Eternal breath
Element: Non-Elemental
Useful skills: Devour command, Expendx3-1 ability, GFAbl Med-RF menu
Overview: The only GF that know the devour command, his attack damage is top classed. 5 digits damages and rare ability what else could you ask for ?

Location: 6 Steel Pipes + 6 Remedy Pluses + 6 Malbor Tentacles + 1 Solomon's Ring
Attack: Runaway Train
Element: All-Element
Useful skills: ST/Elem-Atk/Def junctions, Auto-Shell Ability
Overview: I personally think Doomtrain is the best GF, he got the Call Shop ability & good stat effects, simply the best !

Guardian Helpers

Location: Defeat Odin at Centra Ruins
Attack: Zantetsuken
Element: N/A
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Odin isn't junctioned like an ordinary guardian force. Instead, he randomly appears before fights to give your party victory. The frequency with which Odin appears is dependent on your characters' luck statistic.

Location: Chocobo Forest
Attack: ChocoFire / ChocoFlare / ChocoMeteor / ChocoBuckle
Element: Fire
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Use the Gysahl Greens to summon Chicobo to battle. Send Chicobo to the PocketStation to level up and upgrade his attack.

Location: Rescue Mog in PocketStation game
Attack: Moogle Dance
Element: N/A
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Rescue MiniMog in the PocketStation game, then give a guardian force the MiniMog command. It restores 1,000 to 1,500 hit points to each equipped guardian force during battle.

Location: Defeat Odin at Centra ruins
Attack: Zantetsuken
Element: N/A
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Gilgamesh helps your party in a manner similar to Odin - only Gilgy has four attacks he can unleash. Zantetsuken is Odin's instant death move, while Masamune and Excalibur both hit all enemies for significant damage. Excalipur is nothing but a piece of crap, an attack that barely damages opponents.

Location: Pocketstation
Attack: MoombaMoomba
Element: N/A
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Moomba is only available by transporting the Chocobo World item "Friendship" from the Pocketstation to Final Fantasy VIII. Moomba cannot build experience or strength like Boko. However, his attack will deplete any enemy (who's HP is less than 10000) to 1. Any enemy with HP above 10000 will receive 9999 damage.

Location: Use Phoneix Pinion
Attack: Rebirth Flame
Element: Fire
Useful skills: N/A
Overview: Phoneix revives all your dead party members and does fire elemental damages to all the enemies, you could summon it anytime you want with Phoneix Pinion after that it'll just come randomly (check the tips & trick section).

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