Tips & Tricks

Shark Codes

Japanese Import FF8 play on Mod-Chipped System
D009B2B0 FFF3
8009B2E0 0046
D009B2B0 FFF3
8009B2E2 1000

1 Infinite Money
80076BA4 0FFF
80066BA6 5F5E

2 Save AnyWhere
8006F372 0100

3 Play Time
80076D68 FFFF

4 Limit Time Play Fast
80076D6C FFFF

5 Super Chocobo
8009D4B4 0000
8009D4B6 0401

Main Character


6 Max HP
80076528 270F

7 Infinite HP
8007652A 270F

8 Max EXP
8007652C FFFF

9 EXP For Next Level Up
8007652E ????

10 Change Character
(Replace ? For 0-A)
80076530 000?

11 Max Strength
80076532 FFFF

12 Max Knowledge
80076534 FFFF

13 Max Lucky
80076536 FFFF

Second Character

14 Max HP
800766F0 270F

15 Infinite HP
800766F2 270F

16 Max EXP
800766F4 FFFF

17 EXP For Next Level Up
800766F6 ????

18 Change Character
(Replace ? For 0-A)
800766F8 000?

19 Max Strength
800766FA FFFF

20 Max Knowledge
800766FC FFFF

21 Max Lucky
800766FE FFFF

Third Character

22 Max HP
800768B8 270F

23 Infinite HP
800768BA 270F

24 Max EXP
800768BC FFFF

25 EXP For Next Level Up
800768BE ????

26 Change Character
(Replace ? For 0-A)
800768C0 000?

27 Max Strength
800768C2 FFFF

28 Max knowledge
800768C4 FFFF

29 Max Lucky
800768C6 00FF

Fourth Character

30 Max HP
80076A80 270F

31 Infinite HP
80076A82 270F

32 Max EXP
80076A84 FFFF

33 EXP For Next Level Up
80076A86 ????

34 Change Character
(Replace ? For 0-A)
80076A88 000?

35 Max Strength
80076A8A FFFF

36 Max Knowledge
80076A8C FFFF

37 Max Lucky
80076A8E FFFF

38 Main Character (All Magic)
80076538 6301
8007653A 6302
8007653C 6303
8007653E 6304
80076540 6305
80076542 6306
80076544 6307
80076548 6308
8007654A 6309
8007654C 630A
8007654E 630B
80076550 630C
80076552 630D
80076554 630E
80076556 630F
80076558 6310
8007655A 6311
8007655C 6312
8007655E 6313
80076560 6314
80076562 6315
80076564 6316
80076566 6317
80076568 6318
8007656A 6319
8007656C 631A
8007656E 631B
80076570 631C
80076572 631D
80076574 631E
80076576 631F

39 Second Character (All Magic)
80076700 6311
80076702 6312
80076704 6313
80076706 6314
80076708 6315
8007670A 6316
8007670C 6317
8007670E 6318
80076710 6319
80076712 631A
80076714 631B
80076716 631C
80076718 631D
8007671A 631E
8007671C 631F
8007671E 6320
80076720 6321
80076722 6322
80076724 6323
80076726 6324
80076728 6325
8007672A 6326
8007672C 6327
8007672E 6328
80076730 6329
80076732 632A
80076734 632B
80076736 632C
80076738 632D
8007673A 632E
8007673C 632F
8007673E 6330

40 Third Character (All Magic)
800768C8 6321
800768CA 6322
800768CC 6323
800768CE 6324
800768D0 6325
800768D2 6326
800768D4 6327
800768D6 6328
800768D8 6329
800768DA 632A
800768DC 632B
800768DE 632C
800768E0 632D
800768E2 632E
800768E4 632F
800768E6 6330
800768E8 6331
800768EA 6332
800768EC 6333
800768EE 6334
800768F0 6335
800768F2 6336
800768F4 6337
800768F6 6338
800768F8 6339
800768FA 633A
800768FC 633B
800768FE 633C
80076900 633D
80076902 633E
80076904 633F
80076906 6340

41 Fourth Character (All Magic)
80076A90 6331
80076A92 6332
80076A94 6333
80076A96 6334
80076A98 6335
80076A9A 6336
80076A9C 6337
80076A9E 6338
80076AA0 6339
80076AA2 633A
80076AA4 633B
80076AA6 633C
80076AA8 633D
80076AAA 633E
80076AAC 633F
80076AAE 6340
80076AB0 6341
80076AB2 6342
80076AB4 6343
80076AB6 6344
80076AB8 6345
80076ABA 6346
80076ABC 6347
80076ABE 6348
80076AC0 6349
80076AC2 634A
80076AC4 634B
80076AC6 634C
80076AC8 634D
80076ACA 634E
80076ACC 634F
80076ACE 6350

42 G.F. Acquisition & Change Shiva (Main Character)
800760FC FFFF
800760FE FFFF
80076100 FFFF
80076102 FFFF
80076104 FFFF
80076106 FFFF
80076108 FFFF
8007610A 00FF
80076140 FFFF
80076142 FFFF
80076144 FFFF
80076146 FFFF
80076148 FFFF
8007614A FFFF
8007614C FFFF
8007614E 00FF

43 All Acquisition
800760F8 0100
8007613C 0100
80076180 0100
800761C4 0100
80076208 0100
8007624C 0100
80076290 0100
800762D4 0100
80076318 0100
8007635C 0100
800763A0 0100
800763E4 0100
80076428 0100
8007646C 0100
800764B0 0100
800764F4 0100

44 Pocket Muumuu Unlock
8001F7B4 576D
8001F7B6 106F

Use Special Attack During Battle
45 Main Character (L1+L2)

D0081B0E 0005
80077460 0400

46 Second Character (R1+R2)
D0081B0E 000A
80077630 0400

47 Third Character (L1+R1)
D0081B0E 000C
80077800 0400

48 After One Battle, GF Max
D002276C 000C
8002276E AE30

49 After One Battle, Memorize All Enemy Skill
800229A0 0001

50 When Make Magic, Magic Stone Will Not Reduced
D01E6986 0066
801E6986 0060

Caetla Only Codes

51 Main Character (All Magic)

B0310002 00000001
80076538 6301

52 Second Character (All Magic)
B0310002 00000001
80076700 6311

53 Third Character (All Magic)
B0310002 00000001
800768C8 6321

54 Fourth Character (All Magic)
B0310002 00000001
80076A90 6331

55 All GF Card And Player
B04B0002 00000000
80077378 E4E4
300773C4 00E4
B01F0002 00000000
800773C6 F0F0
300773C5 00F0
800773E6 FFFF
800773E8 FFFF
300773EA 00FF


Easy Exp?

Well experience point does not really matter in Final Fantasy VIII because bosses and monsters all level up as you do, there are exceptional cases such as those monster in the Island Closest To Hell or Heaven, the best way to get expedience point is to go to one of the island mentioned above and train all your characters, a word of caution all the monsters on these two islands are all level 100 so better watch out. Okiez here are the steps:

1. Junction 100 deaths to your stat-attack. You can obtain death by drawing it off monsters or refine chief knives (steal it of Tonberry) through your GF's ability.

2. Element such as pain and blind also work exceptionally well here, so junction them to your stat-attack if u don't have 100 deaths.

3. Summon useful GF like Doomtrain, this would cause you enemies to paralyze and you could use that time to draw magics out of them.

Easy AP?

The best way to gain a lot of AP points is to fight those little Cactuars on the Cactuar Island, one Cactuar normally gives off around 20 AP points so your GFs would learn their ability pretty fast, here are some tips:

1. Don't waste your time summoning GFs because those Cactuars like to run away from battle, the best way to kill them is to have all your characters especially Zell on low HP, this would allow you to perform your Limit Break almost instantly right after the battle starts.

2. Junction Auto - Haste to your ability this would increase your speed in the battle, may be you could deal some massive damages before those little freaks run away from battle.

3. Always try to use attacks that damage all the enemies, so you'll be able to kill more Cactuars before they run from battles, Zell's Final Heaven and Squall's Blasting Zone are pretty effective here.

Powerful Magic?

In this game the most important to survive in tough battle is magic, so if you want to get magics for characters either at the start off the game or sometimes during disc 3 I strongly suggest you read this section:

1. Tornado is a very powerful magic, it's good for HP junction and many other Stats. So if you want to be powerful at the start off the game just go to the areas around Deling City and try to get some Wind Mills from the monsters. Of coz you gotta have Quezacoatl's magic refining ability, use that ability to refine the Wind Mill into Tornado, this is good in Disc 1 - 2.

2. Most of the powerful spells could be obtained from both the Island Closest To Hell and The Island Closest To Heaven, it's strongly recommended that you do have Diablo's encounter-non ability. Junction that to one of your characters so you won't have to fight any monsters, then just walk around the island and keep pressing the confirm bottom (for PSX it's X not sure about the PC's version).

3. Another good magic that is worth getting is Triple, you can either draw double from normal monster then use your GF's ability to further refine it into a more powerful magic in this case it's Triple. Another way of getting Triple is to draw it directly from the Odin's battle, it may sound tough but believe me it's really easy. Make sure that your characters are all around level 30 or so then draw magic from Odin's for the first 10 or 15 minutes before finish him off with your Limit Breaks.

4. The other magics are also good too, here are some tips of drawing them easily:

- Junction blind or pain to your STAT-ATTACK therefore most of the time you hit your enemy, it would go blind and hence the monster won't be able to do any damages to you. This is when you start drawing magics out of them. GF Doomtrain also works fine as well, these tips are very handy so keep it in mind while you are playing the game.

- Draw basic magics like fire or thunder and keep refining them through your GF's abilities.

- Make sure your level are high enough otherwise you can't draw strong magic, I personally think that your character's levels also affect the amount of magic you can draw at a time, level 30 is he average level.

Easy Limit Breaks

These tips work for every single characters in the game:

1. Don't heal your character HP yes you heard me. Keep them low so you'll have higher chances in getting Limit Break during the battle, if you really need to recover them just use crap potion or basic cure magic, the basic idea is to keep your characters HP in yellow colour.

2. During the battle keep pressing circle until you get your signal, practices will enable you to do this pretty well without missing your chance to perform your Limits.

3. Let some of your characters die or poison don't heal them, this will cause the Limit break to come out and increase chances of critical hits.

Phoneix & Odin Tricks

For those that already got GF Odin here are some tips to make him comes and help you more often during battles:

1. Collect 100 Death Spirits

2. Higher crisis levels = low HP, party members = poison, sleep, died....etc.

3. Junction good magic to your luck stat

4. Junction Luck50% to your ability

Note: this trick also works on Phoneix as well

Unlimited Cash

In order to make unlimited money you must have your GF's medicine refining ability (GF Alexander), goto a shop buy as much cottages or tend as you can then refine them using your GF's ability then sell the products back for even more money. It's even better if you sell with GF Tonberry's Sell High ability, it'll allow you to make bigger bucks into your pocket !

Card Mod Cheat

This trick is very simple, just win the CC Card Group (Balamb Garden)and the Card Queen sometime during disc 2 and you'll be able to play them easily on the Ragnarok during disc 4, therefore it would be wise if you learn all your refining ability and card mod ability. Just win and refine how hard is that?


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