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Acquiring Odin

To get Odin as a GF, you must enter the Centra Ruins and follow a few steps first.

Note that you must defeat Odin in 20 minutes or less.

Before entering the ruins, take a few minutes to make sure your properly prepared. Be ready for many enemies with one hit kills, and try to junction death to your stats to protect against it. Be very careful of the Tonberry's however, for they have a large amount of Hp, and can deliver some deadly blows that may wipe a character out in one hit. So be ready to revive often. If you want, you can just equip Diablos' ability called Enc-Non, so you wont even have to deal with random encounters with enemies.

Follow the many sets of stairs until you reach a blue altar. Ride up the altar to a new location, where you will find 2 ladders. The one of the left has an Aero draw point, you need to go to the left ladder. Head to the left and flip the switch inside. After you have done this, head back down the ladder.

You shall see on the way down that the 2nd altar in front of the elevator is now lit with a greenish tint. Examine the altar, and it will reveal a new staircase. Go up the stairs and you will find a statue with one red eye on the top level. Climb the small ladder on the left and take the eye from the statue, then climb the stairs on the right side of the area to the top of the tower.

Go to the left and climb the green dome and you will see a second statue with a red eye. Place the eye that you have in the left socket and a code will appear (RIGHT THIS DOWN!). Then take out BOTH eyes and head back to the first statue. Place both eyes into the sockets and a place to enter your code will appear to the top-right of your screen. Enter your code quickly and enter the newly found door. Welcome to Odin's domain.

You probably have around 10 minutes or so left, so make haste and pummel the shit outta him. Odin has some useful spells like TRIPLE, so if you have time, stock up. Also, Odin has the Luck-J scroll, so steal from him if you can. Use Triple to dish out major damage with powerful spells. Lay off with the GFs, they waste too much time.

Odin is strong against magic, so either hit him strong with physical attacks, or cast haste and hit him quickly with magic attacks. Once he is defeated, he shall acknowledge your power and now assist you every once-in-a-while.

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