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CC Card Quest

If you think you are skilled at cards, you may want to take this quest for a go. You can acquire some rare cards for modifying later on in the game.

There are 7 different CC members that you must defeat in cards. You must defeat each member one-by-one in a certain order to progress to a more skillful card player. Here is the order...

CC #1: Jack
Location: In Balamb Garden hallway near the directory
No rare cards

CC #2: Club
Location: Balamb Hallway near Cafeteria
No rare cards

CC #3: Diamond
Location: In front of directory in Balamb Garden Hallway
No rare cards. *Diamond CC appear as a pair of girls

CC #4: Spade
Location: On the second floor next to the elevator.
No rare cards.

CC #5: Heart
Location: Bridge
Rare card: Carbuncle

CC #6: Joker
Location: Inside training center
Rare Card: Leviathan

CC #7: King
This one is a bit tricky. Speak with Nadia on the bridge and then visit the infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowaki to a game, she will then suggest that you will soon find king. Go to your dorm room and sleep. King will shall be waiting next to your bed...

If non of the CC members will challenge you, you might have to play a few card games around the garden first. Play around 15 games or so and then try again.

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