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Bahamut: King of the GF's

Finding Bahamut's location is the first step in getting this awesome GF. It is located at the Bottom Left hand corner of the Map. Note that you MUST have Ragnarok to land on the research facility.

Once you enter the area, you will notice a huge blue spinning core of some kind. You must walk up to the core, but this is harder then it seems. The enemy encounter rate is extremely high, every step you will take will result in a battle, and the Encounter none ability does not work here. There has to be a trick to it, right? Of course there is. Take a look at the core. It spins every so often, and if you move when it moves, you'll run into an enemy. So when the core has stopped spinning, WALK a few steps forward. Make sure you are NOT walking while it is spinning. (Note that if you run at all, you will fight an enemy) Press the triangle button while you move to walk.

Once you reach the core, Bahamut will ask you a series of questions. After each question, you will have to fight one of the most difficult regular enemies in the game, and between each question you cannot heal at all. This is what makes this quest so difficult. Of course, you must answer each question correctly, otherwise you will have to fight a Ruby dragon and answer the question again. Here are the questions and answers.

Bahamut: "So you wish to challenge me..."
Choose: "It is not our will to fight"

Bahamut: "Begging for mercy?"
Choose: "Never"

Bahamut: "Damned imbeciles. Why do you wish to fight?"
Choose: Select the THIRD option, the one below "None of your business. It is hidden.

Once all questions have been answered, you are forced to fight the king himself.

This battle isn't so tough, but after all those tough battles with those Ruby Dragons, you might be kinda hurt. So Make sure when you start the battle that you heal your characters. Also, before all of this make sure you have Pain junctioned to your status attack so you can hinder him physically.

Make sure you keep your HP high the throughout the entire fight, use protect and shell to cut down on his other attacks. Use any gf's except for Quezacotl, brothers, and Ifrit. If you have Auras, make sure you use them, limit breaks work great. Once you defeat Bahamut he will become your GF.


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