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Defeating Omega Weapon

First, you must find Omega before you battle him. This can be a little tricky.

1) There is a switch point near the fountain in front of the Organ room. Leave your man party there.
2) Take control of your second party.
3) Exit the room from the Upper-right side of the room with your second party. There is a large bell at the top of this room, and you must ring the bell to summon the Omega Weapon. Once you do this, a timer will appear at the top of the screen. You must do reach Omega before the timer runs out. Head the the switch point right in front of you and switch to your main party. Then quickly run into the Organ room and you shall see the huge beast before you. To initiate battle, run into him.

Be prepared for this battle, because this is the hardest battle in the entire game.

Use your card mod ability to refine 100 megalixers from the Bahamut card, 100 LuvLuvGs from the Chubby Chocobo card, and 10 holy wars from the Gilgamesh card. Move these items to the front of your item list, along with mega Phoenixes. I'm pretty sure that the Laguna card gives you 100 hero's, so refine that if you can. Use the 100 luvLuvGs to make your comparability with your best GF's as high as you can. Focus your stats on speed, magic, and strength. Remove any MUG or BONUS abilities and replace them with better ones that increase your stats. Junction 100 Death spells to your status junction. Junction auto-potion or auto-haste. Do not equip auto-reflect.

Be sure Squall has the Lionheart, so maybe you can pull off the Ultimate attack, Lion Heart limit break. It should cause about 120,000 points of damage. Make sure Eden is not junctioned to Squall, he will have to do other things. Also make sure you have Aura spells in stock, limit breaks will be the most important part of this battle. Now you should be ready...

Start the battle off by casting DOOMTRAIN, EDEN, and Cerberus, but do not boost Doomtrain, because it will heal Omega, but it will destroy it's defenses. Cerberus will aid you well, and make sure you boost Eden as much as you can. Once everyone has finished there GF's, make sure aura is in place for everyone. Once everyone has aura, use a holy war. You must use a holy war AFTER you use aura, because it blocks all magic. Now whenever your character comes up, just press the circle button until your limit break comes up. Hopefully Squall will get Lion Heart. If you want, you can draw some great spells from him, but I really don't think it's worth dying over. Repeat all of this as much as you need to until the Juggernaut falls. After the battle, you receive 3 stars and "Proof of Omega" in your tutorial section.

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