Breeding Guide:
Breeding Chocobos in Final Fantasy VII is a task that can, and will, take much time, patience, and money, however, the rewards are well worth it: a mode of transportation without limits, and some of the best Materia in the game. Although breeding the ultimate Chocobo, the Gold Chocobo, may be time consuming, and at times down-right discouraging, the feeling once you achieve your ultimate goal is wonderful. The following is a full guide on how to breed and raise Chocobos.

A good time in the game to breed Chocobos is on the 3rd Disc, before you go into the Crater for the final battle with Sephiroth. You will need the Highwind, and the Chocobo Lure Materia, which you should have purchased from the Chocobo Farm after leaving Midgar on the first disc. If you sold this Materia, you should be able to purchase it again. Now, visit the Chocobo farm, and talk to the farm owner in the house. You will need to buy some stalls in the barn to keep your Chocobos. Purchase between 4 and 6 stalls, depending on your budget, etc. Now, its time to go Chocobo Hunting.

The first Chocobo you will breed will be either a Green or Blue Chocobo. To get this Chocobo, you will need to capture a Great and a Good Chocobo of opposite sexes and breed them. Equip the Chocobo Lure Materia. Great Chocobos can be found either on the tracks near Mideel or on the tracks in the Northwest corner of the Western Continent. To capture a battle, get in a fight with it and other enemies. Kill the other enemies, and then you will capture the Chocobo. To keep a Chocobo around longer in battle, feed them some greens. Chocobos are very skittish, and will run away easily in a battle when attacked or even when enemies around them are attacked.Once you capture the Chocobo, send it back to the farm. Chocobo Billy will tell you what class of Chocobo you have caught is. Once you have captured the Chocobos needed to breed to aquire the Green or Blue Chocobo, you will need to get a Nut to assist in the breeding process. For a Blue or Green Chocobo, you need a Carob Nut. You can aquire these by winning them from enemies around the Chocobo Sage's house in the Northern Continent. Now that you have your Nut, save your game outside the farm (so you can easily retry if the breeding fails) and breed the Chocobos with the Carob Nut by talking to Chocobo Billy. You should have recieved a Green or Blue Chocobo. If the breeding doesn't work, just load your saved game and try again. You'll need to repeat this process to get a Chocobo of the other color and opposite sex.

Once you have your Green and Blue Chocobos of opposite sexes, the first thing you'll want to do is race them at the Gold Saucer to increase their class (C Class is lowest, S Class is highest.) You should be able to win most races at C Class without boosting the Chocobo's stats. To boost the Chocobo's stats, you need to feed them greens. A greens list is at the bottom of this page. Once you begin to race B Class and above, you will probobly need to boost the stats with greens. Race both the Green and Blue Chocobos to A Class. Now, you should be able to breed a Black Chocobo. To aquire the Black Chocobo, it is best to have your Blue and Green Chocobos at A Class. Breed them with a Carob Nut, and you should be able to get the Black Chocobo.

Now that you have your Black Chocobo, you can let the two Yellow Chocobos that you began with and your Blue and Green Chocobos run free out of the farm, unless you're particularly attached to them, or if they are exceptional racers.
You'll want to get your Black Chocobo as high as you can in the races, at least A Class, and beef it up with greens. Now you need to capture a "wonderful" Yellow Chocobo. They can be found most commonly on the tracks on the Northern Continent, however, I personally found mine on the tracks on the Western Continent in the Costa del Sol vacinity. Once you have a "wonderful" Yellow Chocobo of the opposite sex from your Black Chocobo, race it to at least A Class as well, and beef it up with greens. You're now ready to try for the granddaddy of all Chocobos: the Gold Chocobo.

When both your Chocobos are A or S Class (its easier to do at S, but I have done it at A with a lower success rate) you want to breed them with a Zeio Nut. These rare Nuts are only stolen from Goblins on Goblin Island, north of the Eastern Continent. Once you have the Nut, you're ready to go.

Breed the Black and Wonderful Yellow Chocobos with the Zeio Nut, and you should be able to get a Gold Chocobo easily, assuming both of the parents have good stats and have a high Class ranking. Congradulations, you've just completed one of the hardest tasks in Final Fantasy VII!


Pepio Nut 100 Gil Farm Possible
Luchile Nut 200 Gil Farm Possible
Sahara Nut 400 Gil Farm Possible
Lasan Nut 600 Gil Farm Likely
Param Nut 1500 Gil Sage Very Likely
Porov Nut 2000 Gil Sage Very Likely
Carob Nut N/A N/A Near 100%
Zeio Nut N/A N/A Near 100%

Gysahl Greens 100 Gil Farm Stamina
Krakka Greens 250 Gil Farm Inteligence
Tantal Greens 400 Gil Farm Inteligence, Stamina, Speed
Pahsana Greens 800 Gil Farm Intelligence
Curiel Greens 1000 Gil Farm Speed, Stamina
Mimett Greens 1500 Gil Farm None
Reagan Greens 3000 Gil Sage Speed
Sylkis Greens 5000 Gil Sage Inteligence, Speed, Stamina


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